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Buy more nice sh*t by investing in Southend on Sea Property.

Welcome to the Invest Southend on Sea website. We’re a bunch of savvy misfits and oddballs based in Southend on Sea in Essex, United Kingdom.

We believe everyone should be able to fund what makes them happy. Whether you’re an avid traveller, fashionista, or you just like nice things we believe that we can help you increase your monthly income and make you more money on your savings or equity.

We started investing in the area in 2014 and surprised ourselves with the results. We beat the banks or any stock market investment or savings account we could find.

Our aim is to help Bad Ass contrarian thinking newbie investors , Pro Investors and Fund Managers  that don’t grease their hair and obsess over what restaurant the next lunch meeting will be at. Just Kidding

We believe in using data to make property investment decisions. We dislike property investment jargon and our approach is to make property investment fun, approachable and easy to understand.

We’re hipsters. Sharing is our nature. We invite the dopest influencers in the property & business game to come and create sh*t hot, entertaining growth hacks, articles and we provide insight into the Southend on Sea property market for you on our blog called Low Tide.

Or hit us up on gram and hang out with some like minded souls on FacebookTwitter and Youtube.

We’ve also put together some e-guides to help you save time and get ahead in property investment and investing in the Southend on Sea property market. There’s a guide for every level of experience. Don’t ever say we’re not good to you .

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Wanna know what kind of people we help?

See what kinds of people we help and what they do with the
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Why the hell do you invest in Southend on Sea?

We’ll let you in on why we invest in this dope seaside town and you’ll find out why it’s a secret gem amongst savvy investors

I wanna know why you invest in Southend on Sea

How best would you describe yourself?

We got your back no matter who you are

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The Fix

How we do what we do when we’re doing what we do

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Finding Properties

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Developing Properties

(through Freshkid Developments)

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Selling or Managing Properties

(through Freshkidz Lets)

Our Fees & The Juice (Our Model)

How you get paid and how we get paid

Sourcing Fees

Development Fees

Return On Investment

Wanna get sh*t hot articles on property investment and the lowdown on the Southend on Sea property market? Holla at us on our blog. Low Tide

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