Property investment company specialising in the Southend on Sea property market

Invest Southend on Sea is a property investment company specialising in the Southend on Sea property market in Essex, United Kingdom.

Every property investment the company has made has beat the returns of any high street bank or stock market product. The company over 3 years has always delivered it’s investors 5% Net return on investment or yield (annualised).

Invest Southend on Sea’s aim is to help Badass and contrarian thinking property investors at every level to beat the returns of any high street bank or stock market product.

Our approach will be data lead, easy to understand and fun.

We want to make the complex simple and transform what in our opinion is a very dull and confusing industry into an inclusive and rad movement.

We’re looking to build a community of oddballs and misfits who help each other and to share what we learn as we grow together.

Invest Southend on Sea was founded by Yemi Lawal in 2014 after a life changing moment when his neighbour died in his arms( Yes he plans to tell the story and there will be a Sh*t hot book).

Yemi learnt how to buy property the indie way (off market) and to find properties with lots of potentially profitable juice in them.

The first property he bought was for £230,000 (which was 25% below the average market value at the time) in Dec 2015 after £65k of refurbishment he sold it for £407,000 in Sept 2016.

Since then Yemi and the team at Invest Southend on Sea have helped lots of badass, contrarian thinking investors to beat the banks, stock market and earn 5% Net return on their capital and yield.

Have you ever felt like an outsider? Always on the outside looking in? Don’t like being part of the herd?

Well you might have found your home. We’re just like you.

We just feel like we can be successful in anything we want with a smart outlook and hard work.

Even this property game which has been traditionally exclusive to rich white dudes in suits.

So if you think differently and you wanna do the sh*t that really matters to you. Then join us. We are on the same mission.

What we want to achieve

1. Make enough dough so we can do all the cool sh*t we always dreamed of and bring others with us
2. Beat the f*king banks and those funny looking stock market peeps at their own game.
3. Take out all the risk from property investment by using data and the best tech we can find
4. Build a community of like minded souls with that help each other out
5. Make it cool and easier for all the oddballs and outsiders after us to make dough through property
6. Make all our mammas proud

Why go with us?

1. We’re smart, we hustle and we’re kind of new and hungry in this game which means we will walk through walls (hey not literally man) to make you that dough
2. Our approach is unique and hyper local. We don’t follow the crowd with our decisions which means we get better results than the crowd.
3. We specialize in alternative property investment which brings higher returns than traditional property investment.
4. We are obsessive about Southend on Sea. We love this town and we follow every rise and dip that occurs. Which means we don’t miss a thing and helps us make the right property investment decisions.
5. So far we have made every investor we’ve worked with 5% Net return on their capital or yield.

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